In an age lost to memory, in a time consumed by fire, in an era when mortal man became divine through deeds great and terrible, there came a betrayer. Ageless, Immortal, and consumed by his own power The Betrayer became foe all the gods – both Dark and Light.

But these legends have been forgotten and these stories have disappeared into myth. The Betrayer has slept for countless years, but it is a restless slumber filled with dreams and visions of a bloody conquest that would begin on the world of Gaia and cut its way across the very fabric of reality.

By an ancient oath, the Gods can raise no hand against the Betrayer. It falls to the mortal races of the world to rise up. Now, there whispers in the dark. Rumors of an army gathering off the shores of Cawanor. Most dismiss this as idle gossip, but none can deny that the roads grow more dangerous with each passing night and stories of terrible creatures grow louder…

The Betrayer Reborn